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    Do you need a medical diagnosis for pain and suffering compensation application?

    Hello, In 2016 I sustained a shoulder injury on deployment, been hurting ever since. I did the odd physio and limitation of movement is obviously there, however, I have never officially gotten a medical diagnostic. When filling out the PSC application on the VAC website, it asks if there was a...
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    Looking for an old topic on army.ca

    I tried searching on google and here on army.ca but no luck thus far. I remember reading on army.ca back in 2011 when I was in Afghanistan about an attack happening on a US FOB because a soldier had put up pictures of their FOB on his Facebook account. The US soldiers had put up a significant...
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    Artillery callsigns vs other trades

    Was wondering if anyone knew the reasoning why the DCO (2IC) of an artillery regiment's callsign was 98 instead of 9A like the infantry or armoured? Same question for the Ops O actual being 95 seagull instead of 9B. Tried looking it up in B-GL 371-004 but no joy. Thanks
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    Custom made cf SS dress shirt

    Anyone ever attempt to get a custom tailored CF green short sleeved dress shirt? Basically looking to see if I can have one made that doesn't look like a bag of potato chips and made with quality material.
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    Hello everyone, I'm currently doing some research, and I was wondering if anyone on here knows if 3 PPCLI BG in 2002 on OP APOLLO actually saw combat (TICs, raids etc)? None of my research so far has proven to give me concrete examples of 3 PPCLI coming into contact with the enemy. I'm aware...
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    Anodized medals

    Just wondering if anyone on here gets their medals dipped or anodized? I've seen a few older NCOs with really shiny medals (particularly the cpsm and UN medals). Just wondering what people's thoughts are.
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    Difference between superior officer and senior officer

    Has anyone come across new terminology for officers? As far as I understand: Subordinate Officer : OCdt; Junior Officers: 2Lt, Lt, Capt; Senior Officers: Maj, Lcol, Col; GO/FO: Bgen + But I now I keep hearing the term superior officers for Majs and Lcols, and senior officers for Col and up...
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    Does anyone know the procedure for applying for a reassessment of an existing injury? When I was initially diagnosed and subsequently compensated, I was told that if my condition got worse that I could submit for a reassessment. I've tried calling VAC but the lines seem to be busier than usual...
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    CFB Gagetown now called 5th Canadian Div Support Base

    Interesting, I wonder if other bases will change their names: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/reactions-mixed-over-name-change-at-cfb-gagetown-1.1429081
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    CADPAT winter whites

    I saw these on this army news video: http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/land-terre/news-nouvelles/story-reportage-eng.asp?id=5924 Anyone see these in person yet? I'm curious if the winter whites have actually changed in design or if they are the same thing as the old ones with some grey digital...
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    PRC 522 accessories

    Good day all, Does a conversion piece exist for connecting a lapel mike with a PRC 117/152 fitting to a PRC 522? If so, does anyone know where I can purchase one?  Thank you.
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    New ballistic eyewear

    Anyone hear anything about new ballistic glasses?  We were told to go to base clothing tomorrow to get our new pair issued.  Its the first I hear about it, I'm wondering what the improvement or changes are.
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    Combat action badge

    I came across this picture of the CDS with a combat action badge, I'm just curious where he would have seen ''action'' to get one, I don't think he was in a combat role when he went to Iraq with the marines. Your thoughts?
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    Can anyone identify this foreign medal?

    Does anyone know what foreign medal this is?  To the left of Lgen Beare's CD.