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  1. GnyHwy

    World's 10 Most Powerful Militaries

    Saw this on Yahoo today.  Thought this would bring some debate and a few chuckles.  I pretty much disagree with the entire list, but let's see what others have to say.  This list is based on total numbers and not on any type of quality.  I will admit that I am somewhat uneducated at this topic...
  2. GnyHwy

    Ask a Nerdy Question.

    This thread is meant to exercise your brain.  Ask and answer questions about anything military, whether it be technical (my favourite), literal, scientific (my second favourite), or completely random.  Please attempt to keep it at least semi-academic, although humour should be encouraged; nerd...
  3. GnyHwy

    Ask a Stupid Question.

    If there was ever a place, this is it.  Go ahead and ask the most dumbass question ever, or some dumbass question that someone else might have asked you.  Do not limit yourself to your own stupidity; please includes other's, and ask away.  This should be taken lightly; but if it works, it may...
  4. GnyHwy

    Kinetic and Thermobaric Munitions

    An even crazier idea.  Check out Project Thor.  Launching tungsten telephone poles from space.  The incoming mass and velocity would likely be similar to a nuke while penetrating 100s of meters into the ground. Crazy effective idea, but not very practical.  I wouldn't even begin to guess how...
  5. GnyHwy

    Discussing Military Quotes.

    I am huge fan of quotes in general, but more specifically for this site, military quotes. I would like to see and opportunity for people to discuss, re butt, comment and ultimately learn from some of the great quotes; and not so great quotes that are posted on this site.  I would estimate that...
  6. GnyHwy

    Does a Regt support a Bde or does 3 Btys support 3 BGs?

    I pose this question to ponder whether a Regt as a whole is more effective than 3 Btys properly placed.  The standard of 3 or 4 Btys linear in past certainly made sense for a number of reasons.  Self protection, logistical, C2. We have come leaps and bounds as far as C2 goes and our ability...
  7. GnyHwy

    Does anyone still consider Artillery an area weapon?

    Hello all, I am posing this question as with todays COE I believe the use of artillery as an area weapon is outdated.  With the close proximity of friendlies and the many moving parts of a BG we must be as accurate as possible.  If we were to revert back to cold war tactics I would agree but, i...