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  1. Chang

    Firearms Ammunition Counter Survey

    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine is building a small project for her electrical engineering degree which revolves around firearms. The final project is an electronics ammunition counter attached to your firearm which displays the remaining rounds in a magazine (similar to how you have the ammo...
  2. Chang

    Reserves EME officer a "dying breed?"

    Hey all, I went down to the local service battalion today looking into the EME officer job and was told by the RSM that the reserves EME officer is a dying breed since there aren't any courses available for them. Can any PRes EME officers out there tell me how often these courses happen? thanks!
  3. Chang

    PRes QL3 Sup Tech

    hey all i just got notified from my chain of command that the QL3 Sup tech course for PRes members has been extended from 1 month to 3 month (12 jun to 6 sept)?! can anyone please confirm this? also, does anyone know the reason for extending the course? thank you
  4. Chang

    questions regarding being a reserves advisor/tech advisor to a cadet unit

    does one have to be a certain age/rank in the reserves to act as a reservist advisor to a cadet corps? what do reservist advisors do anyways? oh and does the system work like how the CI system work?. i heard that in order to be a CI for a certain corps and if you're an ex-cadet of that corps...