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  1. JesseWZ

    How Boot Polish Kept my House from Burning Down (A true but cautionary tale)

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've had any ability to log on here and I apologize. I've recently left the military and had a number of struggles with my family medically which has occupied a lot of time and attention over and above moving across the country and starting a new career. I felt...
  2. JesseWZ

    "You have received a gift from Telus"

    Story time! Earlier today I arrived home to find a box crammed into my mailbox. what could this be, I thought to myself, as I had not ordered any internet brides in at least a month. Investigating further, I find this mystery box comes from my cell phone and land-line service provider Telus...
  3. JesseWZ

    Canadian Military Urged to Stop Medical Training on Live Animals -Article

    I am pretty certain this has not been posted before. Mods, if it has I apologize. I found this little gem on Canada.com this afternoon.  Fair dealings and all that... http://www.canada.com/news/Canadian+military+urged+stop+using+live+animals+medical+training/7095641/story.html
  4. JesseWZ

    MP Posting to Aldershot?

    Hi there, I am going to be going on the Reg Force MP QL3 sometime in the near future. I was wondering; are there reg force MP's posted to Aldershot or do the Halifax MP's make the trip out? I ran a couple of searches in the MP forum and haven't found anything conclusive. I ask this because I...
  5. JesseWZ

    Insurgency Regen Formula?

    Mike, What is the formula used to calculate insurgency regen? I ask because I wont be able to fully lock down my insurgency and based on my stats I am curious to see if my insurgency will rise quicker then my CR...
  6. JesseWZ

    Success Stories

    We have a horror stories topic, but none for success stories. I'll go first. Today, using the 500 Int reward for 5 bad guys hunted down, and some thinking ahead I went from level 20 to level 26.
  7. JesseWZ

    Getting Hitched?

    Good day all, I am looking at asking my girlfriend to marry me during the Christmas leave season. Before I get a myriad of responses saying DO/DONT DO it, this question is based on if it happens, on the administration side what needs to happen? I did a number of searches and nothing came up...
  8. JesseWZ

    ABC's Lost finale tonight!

    Anyone here a Lost junkie? I watched the pilot via DVD a few years ago and got instantly hooked. TV crack I swear. So anyone else watching the finale tonight?
  9. JesseWZ

    Winnipeg to Gagetown Routes?

    Hi all, I am being posted (restricted)  to CTC Gagetown from 17 Wing Winnipeg and I plan on taking my PMV. I did extensive searches into this topic, (kilometric rates, PMV travel, etc.) I was curious about three things: 1. If anyone has done the trip, what routes would they recommend? I've...
  10. JesseWZ

    Drumming Out?

    I am not sure if this is a topic split or not... I do agree with the majority of users on here regarding anti-monarchist tendencies. If that is the case, the CF is not for you. I am loyal to the Queen and Canada Full stop. I have heard the term drumming out bandied about here a bit and I was...
  11. JesseWZ

    Favorite Toasts

    Many of us here serve in the Canadian or other nation's forces. In this capacity we are required knowledge of certain Toasts. As the New Year is rapidly approaching I figured it would be appropriate to highlight the way we as people celebrate. This thread is an opportunity to post your favorite...