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  1. LineJumper

    Jean Romard

    Anyone putting a team in? This may be something that falls the wayside if the requirement remains at 2 Cpl/Pte per team, followed closely by the MCpl and Sgt. Maybe it will require a restructuring once there is a shortage of Line trained troops to continue with a Line rodeo style competition...
  2. LineJumper

    Cell Phone browsers

    Perhaps I'm not using the search function correctly, but my question has to do with logging in via cell. I'll admit it now, I know a hell of a lot about telephones, but cell tech just isn't my bag. I can view this site but cannot log in. I suppose I could get another phone, but I generally come...
  3. LineJumper

    Ads on sight

    I wonder if this is a sign..... GOOGLE ADS Quit Drinking Stop Drinking Binge Drinking Drinking Stuff
  4. LineJumper

    Glastnost vs. Nintendo: Understanding Generational Differences

    Due to the re-structuring in the early 90's and an approximate 5 year hiring freeze, is there any concern as to how a bridge may be employed from a mass "I've done my 20+, I'm outta here" for a transition to those on the 25 year plan? I'm somewhat curious since there is likely going to be a...
  5. LineJumper

    Sky Hooks and Shore Line

    I know as a rookie signalman I've been sent on pointless errands. What are good April Fool Pranks within fair guide lines these days?
  6. LineJumper


    What's that all about? Supposed to be going to sunny Suff in a few weeks to do something there. Gotta love voluntold :P