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    Accumulated Leave, BTL

    I'm about to amend a Christmas leave request, removing my short days, after being told that "x CDSB BTL does not authorize the accumulation of leave." I'm unfamiliar with accumulated leave, and I'd appreciate any guidance I can get in not wasting all of three weeks of leave that I haven't been...
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    Mess Dues

    I've been hit with a bill for mess dues. I'm asking for more information including exactly what dates I'm getting charged for, etc, but I've got a few thoughts going through my head regarding it. First off, I haven't been invited/able to attend a mess meeting in at least two years. I was on...
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    Getting ID in BC when you don't have any

    What do you need to start getting ID? In order to get it, everyone seems to require ID that she doesn't have in order to get ID. Her lack of ID has just become more of an issue as she can't hire a lawyer without proper ID. Her wallet was lost two years ago and she's made occasional attempts...
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    CBIs, benefits, admin for ROTP CT by Cl B

    Bottom line up front: What's the gameplan for a CT'd reservist who goes ROTP (RMC)? If there's no spouse or dependents, does their stuff go into storage? Where does it go into storage and what is the situation for access? Situation: Cost move, receiving PLD for permanent Cl B. ROTP selection...
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    Sup Res to PRes CT

    Member is DP2-qualified, Sup Res since 2018, wishes to CT back to Primary Reserve. Same trade, same old unit willing to employ him. Available for immediate employment. Member has been directed to CFRC, which is of course at minimal manning. Member says he thinks he's "just supposed to re-enroll...
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    References for Teaching Writing

    So my best friend never finished high school and has a serious self-improvement thing going on. One of the things she's working on is her communications skills. I passed on to her some decent books on technical writing, and she's getting into it. She's pretty self-directed, but she wants to get...
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    Decontamination Specialist Course

    So my unit asked for names for a CBRN instructor course for a same-day nomination, and I'm in. Except they misunderstood what it was. Its apparently a "Decontamination Specialist" course. I can likely still go in order to get a greater understanding of CBRN stuff, but its most of a month away...
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    RA-2000 Audio Tone Check

    As part of a PC checklist for the RA-2000, I'm seeing a reference to checking the batteries by triggering an audio tone. 1) Select LB mode 2) Press the magneto switch to check the audio tone What is the audio tone I'm supposed to be hearing? The ringer on the phone? Something in the earpiece...
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    How to make a Briefing Note?

    I have to prepare a briefing note to get higher to sign on to a pet project. Folks who would ordinarily offer advice are on course or tasking or otherwise indisposed. Failed to find any references here or elsewhere. Does anyone have one to point me at? DWAN or otherwise.
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    Retraining the Experienced and Ineffective

    I am trying to advantageously employ a highly experienced, somewhat skilled, somewhat less than intelligent soldier. Today was an especially frustrating day. Short, simple instructions to complete one task and move on to the next. Not complicated, not said fast, and confirmation requested and...
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    Recovery from hip surgery - improvising a bungalow

    My aunt had a serious fall and needed hip surgery this week, this is aggravated by her hip being shattered and patched together with titanium a long time ago. I really want her to have a good recovery, and may be flying out to help get the house ready for her to come home. I'd appreciate...
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    Injured on Class A Duty - Compensation and Benefits

    Class A reservist; initial injury on class A, reinjury on class B, subsequent surgery while on class A with full-time civilian employment. I was a bit blindsided by what my timeline was going to be for surgery from a service-related injury, and I have now been laid off on disability from my...
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    Libraries at CFB Edmonton

    I'm a reservist, trying to track down a copy of Huntington's "The Soldier and the State: The Theory and Politics of Civil-Military Relations" (1957), and I might be looking for some other texts in the future. Are there any libraries on base where I might track down books like this?
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    CTAT, DNDLearn, and past courses

    Looking for a way to print off the course completion certificate from when I did CTAT. I completed CTAT most of two years ago, submitted the completion certificate to my chain of command, and was checked off the list. Higher now wants hard copies proving completion rather than a checklist, and...
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    Edmonton Dining Hall Hours

    Anybody recall the hours of the dining hall in Edmonton?
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    Finding C7, C9 Pams

    Not finding the C7 or C9 pam, either on the DIN directly or via links on forum posts here. Anybody got a valid link handy?
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    Grounding Cable Improvised from Extension Cord

    After a frustrating experience being sited on top of a concrete slab for more than a few times, I would like to improve my det's flexibility in where it can place a ground. My reserve squadron has a tech shop, along with two class A LCIS techs (yes, some still exist). They've requested...
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    Balancing Regular Night Shifts with Class A reservist training

    I've begun working night shifts as my regular routine, and I expect that routine to be disrupted a lot -through rapid turnaround with summer courses and my unit's Class A training days. I've had experience with night shifts before, but I've never had to deal with what will effectively be split...
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    CF in Great Britain ~26 May 1940; Sealion variant

    I'm following a discussion on an author's forum (Tom Kratman) about the available forces in Britain at about the time of Dunkirk. The disposition of Canadian and Newfoundland units has come up, as they would appear to be available to react to a (forecast and prepared for) German invasion near...
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    Spinal Injury

    So my buddy was on BMQ in St Jean. After a morning ruck march, she and her course are ordered to drop their kit and roll in the snow, then proceed through the obstacle course. The obstacle course is marked closed. This is pointed out to staff, who then say to disregard the sign. They are further...