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  1. medicineman

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    The new Imgagine Dragons album Mercury Pt 1 has some songs that reminds me a bit too much of work these days...
  2. medicineman

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    We do it with bowling shoes don't we?
  3. medicineman

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    I'd say "Stupid Allergy" is an example to lead by...and something to give people pause before speaking...
  4. medicineman

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    I still have my "Stupid Allergy" on my daysack - were I to get back in, I'd consider putting it on my patch side.
  5. medicineman

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    Or FML?
  6. medicineman

    Medical Release ( merged )

    Fine line between hard and silly/dumb - sounds a bit like you've lept over it...you'll eventually land on your face and find it's a long crawl back. We don't fix ourselves very well after a certain age, and your body will not forgive or forget the things you or others have done to it. See...
  7. medicineman

    Air Factor appeal

  8. medicineman

    Air Factor appeal

    I really wish I could give you a straight answer but can't - depends on availability of specialists in your area, THEN getting the stuff through CFEME=>when I was in, things could take days,weeks or months depending on the issue being dealt with.
  9. medicineman

    Air Factor appeal

    I'd suggest getting a referral to an ophthalmologist from your family doc - tell them what you've been told, what condition you may/may not have, and take it from there...or see if any in your area are taking self referrals, though most of those are folks looking for LASIK/PRK. May take some...
  10. medicineman

    US Army Reviving the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska

    Was cool seeing them there... Funny story, was at a mess dinner in Ft Drum, a mixed dining in. As a Cpl, my GF and I were placed at a table where the next lowest rank to me was a Capt...a Maj sitting beside me and I were chatting about Kingston, as he was new to Drum. His wife obviously wore...
  11. medicineman

    US Army Reviving the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska

    Isn't that that little dip in the Trans-Canada Highway around the AB border?
  12. medicineman

    British Military Current Events

    Enabling antibiotic resistance one dick at a time...
  13. medicineman

    Monkeypox TEWT

    Guess you kinda got me there - while we're picking the flyshit out of the pepper mill though, in the purest sense of the word, vaccination is generally used incorrectly. The term vaccination originally comes from the act inoculating the skin with vaccinia - the cowpox virus, which is still used...
  14. medicineman

    Monkeypox TEWT

    While I like a good conspiracy theory (not much makes me laugh anymore), AND I wouldn't put it past Uncle Vlado to have his microbiology geeks unleash a bio weapon somewhere to keep NATO folks occupied, this doesn't appear to be a weaponized version of the virus, which was what was used for...
  15. medicineman

    A "The Queen's" Battery

    Uh huh...
  16. medicineman

    Medical Certificates?

    Yes - you'll need a note from a military health provider on a Medical Employment Limitations form. MO= Medical Officer/Doctor, PA=Pysician Assistant