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  1. Lumber

    Acting Nice for Politics Sake (HMCS Calgary in Brunei)

    HMCS Calgary just arrived un Brunei for a port visit, and their ship's Facebook page posted about 30 pictures with the captions: "HMCS Calgary just arrived in Brunei! We’re so honoured to be welcomed here. Onward!" (colour mine) Does anyone else see an issue with this? That we're saying we are...
  2. Lumber

    NCM Regard for Officers; Army vs RCAF vs RCN

    So, after reading the thread where a Sgt claimed only officers' pensions are indexed, I decided I wanted to ask about something that's made me curious. Bottom Line Up Front: Is there a difference in the way that NCMs regard officers between the CA, RCAF, and RCN, specifically with regard to...
  3. Lumber

    First FFG(X) to be named USS Constellation

  4. Lumber

    Sexual assault charges stayed as questions of independence rock military justice

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/sexual-assault-military-judges-independence-1.5749072 Ok, so does this not set the precedent that anyone in the forces charged with sexual assault and is going to go before a court marital instead of a civilian court will have their charges...
  5. Lumber

    CAF IRP: TNL and Il&m Questions

    I'm often asked to provide guidance/advice to moving members, as I have a fairly good understanding of the IRP. That being said, I've heard stories recently of BGRS actually being more lenient than in the past (which is a good thing, Imo), but was curious if these were isolated incidents...
  6. Lumber

    Spouses and HHTs

    Investigating for a friend: They've finally allowed HHTs to proceed. However, when my friend submitted his application, his CO rejected his application to include his dependents (wife and daughter) in the HHT. He was told that as "CMP" direction, but his CO/CoC couldn't provide him with any...
  7. Lumber


    See below. I'm very happy with para 4C. However, I'm curious about para 4B. Did they just create a regulation whereby two members of the FORCES, of equal position and rank, could receive different punishments based on their cultural identity? I mean, the second sentence seems to negate the...
  8. Lumber

    First woman commander of Canada’s Reserve Force?

    https://www.theguardian.pe.ca/news/local/rst-woman-commander-of-canadas-reserve-force-meets-with-pei-business-womens-association-286567/ Not to belittle her accomplishment(s), but I'm pretty sure Read Admiral Bennett was the first female head of the reserves. First she was head of the naval...
  9. Lumber

    Special Leave (Community Affairs)

    Quick! Need an opinion on the applicability of this leave: To this situation: - member wants to attend (in uniform) the BMQ craduation of his son (note: member used up all the remainder of his annual leave during Christmas leave as ordered to because he's going on course before March break)
  10. Lumber

    Fires vs Strikes

    What the heck is the difference between "Fires" and "Strikes"? Take, for example, the terms Fire Support and Strike Missions. What the difference?
  11. Lumber

    Deer Hunting Rifle Recommendation

    I've always wanted to buy a gun but never really had a need for one; well, now I do. My wife and I just moved back to Nova Scotia and raw dog food prices are just too high. So, we want to take up deer hunting to make our own dog food. It might turn out not being that much cheaper, but it would...
  12. Lumber

    High Readiness Units / Ready Duty Ship [Split from Contact Information]

    I'm not going to touch on the cellphone question specifically; however, I'm surprised by the RCAF/CA members on here (not naming anyone specifically) who seem to be against making themselves "contactable" and "available" on short notice. Do you guys not have the equivalent of Ready Duty Ship...
  13. Lumber

    Public Funds to Pay for PT

    Looking for actual fact, but I'm willing to accept informed opinion. Yay or Nay, use of public funds with the unit acquisition card to pay for the following activities (for the entire full time staff): 1. Paying the entry fee to conduct Pool PT at a local rec centre; 2. Paying the...
  14. Lumber

    Nwe NAVRES Recruiting Position.

    The chances of you receiving an offer if your reliability status goes through is around 100%. NAVRES recruiting is full speed ahead; we'll take anyone from any trade that gets through the screening process. Now, if you really meant "what are the chances that there will be a hiccup in my...
  15. Lumber

    Family issues with APS 2018

    This is assanine. They already had a working system in place. The realtor we're going to be using for our home purchase at destination even said "oh perfect, you're military? I'll just make sure my profile with Brookfield is up to date and I'll take care of all of the billing", to which I had to...
  16. Lumber

    2017 T4 and Tax Deductions

    Evening All, This year I received two different pay "boons": the retro pay raise and a retro sea-pay back pay. This occurred over two separate pay cheques. Now, my understanding of taxes and marginal tax rates is not the greatest, but what I'm seeing on my T4 and my initial calulations for tax...
  17. Lumber

    Authority to attach/second Class-B Reservist

    Trying to find the legal framework for this one. NDA para 27 - Attachment and Secondment, lays our that members on Active Service can be attached/seconded as deemed necessary. If the military says move, I move. Roger, out. However, what about Class-B reservists? IN a previous discussion, FJAG...
  18. Lumber

    Authority to can grant the redress sought.

    How do you determine if the CO (or whomever the IA is) has the authority to grant the redress? Specifically, who has the authority to remove Remedial Measures from a member's Pers file? I can't find this anywhere. On another note, the whole grievance process perplexes me. I've read the...
  19. Lumber

    Establishment of Commanding Officer

    Trying to find the right reference but having trouble. Who can be considered a member's "Commanding Officer"? There are many different actions that are either the right or responsibility of a member's Commanding Officer, such as DAODs related to misconduct and remedial measures. If a member is...
  20. Lumber

    Obligation to Arrange Travel and Selection of Method of Travel

    CFTDTIs state very clearly that the approving authority selects the method of travel. In doing so, he takes several thing into consideration. One of these considerations includes "(g) the member’s safety and convenience"; So, I have a few questions. 1. Can a member elect not to receive travel...