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  1. da1root

    Recruiting FAQs

    Note: This is a new document and I will start adding to it as I see the same questions appear in the threads; but this thread will remain locked.  Cheers, Buck_HRA ------------------------------ Q1: Are spots saved on a BMQ/BMOQ for a specific occupation? A: No, the only division on the...
  2. da1root

    Selection Date Information

    This is being created as a general information topic and will be locked.  Please continue to use appropriate forum threads for ongoing conversations. Selection Date Information During the recruiting year (1-Apr to 31-Mar) selections occur at the following rates: Officer Entry Plans     ROTP -...
  3. da1root

    Sgt Laen --> Buck_HRA

    Old Name: Sgt Laen New Name: Buck_HRA
  4. da1root


    To clear up the many questions about Tattoo's that keep appearing.  Recruiters and File Managers cannot tell you if your tattoo will or will not be approved upon your recruiting process.  The only people involved in that are the MCC, UPSO, CFRC CO, RPSO, CFRG CWO & CFRG Commander (acronyms...
  5. da1root

    DEO Intake Numbers for 16/17

    Good Day All, In response to the questions that have been posted about the Intake Numbers for Fiscal Year 16/17, here is a complete list of the projected Direct Entry Officer Intake* for 1-Apr-16 to 31-Mar-17:           ARMD (00178): 7           ARTY (00179): 9           INF (00180): 72        ...