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  1. Kokanee

    1/35 MEWT Bison

    I'm working on a MEWT Bison right now for the C&E Museum; only about a 1/4 way done so far but I'll post more pics as I go.
  2. Kokanee

    Having trouble getting medical care after tour

    I'm hoping that someone here has been in a similar situation before and would be kind enough to share some info to help me out... So here's the deal; I came back from Tour (TF 3-08) with an N/S spine (x2 herniated discs, nerve damage) in APR 09, and have spent the time since then bouncing...
  3. Kokanee

    Wearing of "team/roto" patches overseas.

    I've submitted an memo up my chain to allow members of my unit going over on roto to design and wear a "team/roto" patch on our arid combats overseas. Everyone up to my troop commander loves the idea, however they want "prior art" of this being acceptable before taking it to the CO... Have...