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    Injury form procedure with Civvie/public servant CoC

    And if your civilian CO equivalent resists, push back. I once submitted a CF 98 to my civilian director and he didn't want to sign because it "wasn't serious enough". I responded that if it was not signed, I would grieve.... and win. He signed.
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    New MND - Anita Anand

    Looks like we're getting a new MND. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cabinet-announcement-trudeau-1.6225121 She wasn't on my radar at all, but first glances are positive. She seems to be well-educated and credible. On va voir... AK
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    Crossing the US Border with Military Vaccination Docs

    Yes, in my ancient yellow book with my handwritten names (went from maiden name, to married name, and back to maiden). Of course, if I was going to forge something, I would make it look far more professional than that.
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    I experienced the worst medical treatment and it led to permanent damage on my foot. Is there anything I could do?

    I put in a claim for pain and suffering for poor dental treatment in addition to more typical claims for my ankle and shoulders. The dental claim has been at step 3 for over two years now. I submitted all my claims in Oct 2018. My other submissions are long decided, and my ankle has already...
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    Crossing the US Border with Military Vaccination Docs

    Good day all, Has anyone crossed the border recently? I'm wondering if the US border officials would have any issues with my proof of vaccination. I would hate to make plans and then get an unpleasant surprise. Thanks, AK
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    Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR

    I ended up with Lowas, which are apparently very popular with military members. I'm surprised by their comfort level. I have difficult feet that are a bit thicker (not wider), top to bottom than the norm but using a hair dryer to help form the boots to my feet (recommended by the salesman)...
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    Mess Dues

    There's no good excuse for not having an AGM. My mess has had two Zoom AGMs since the pandemic began.
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    CO-ED Accommodation

    I'm sorry, but I believe that the service member is responsible for managing the insecurities of their spouses. During my career, I hugely resented those times where my coworkers' neurotic spouses affected how they were "allowed" to interact with me. It was insulting to both me and the spouse...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Life is not often black and white and thus I don’t have opinions on other people’s marriages. For example, once a man introduced me to his wife so she could assure me that he was allowed “friends”. (Too weird for me.) But personal relationships are complicated and I think it’s best to reserve...
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    Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR

    I was very impressed with Millbrook. The salesman knew his stock and understood military requirements. I think I'm going to be comfortable in combat boots for the first time since someone stole my mark 3s. Their president is a woman and so they try to ensure they stock smaller sizes. I won't...
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    Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR

    Millbrook thinks they can take care of my troublesome feet. I have an appointment on Thursday. :)
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    GOFO Musical Chairs... LGen Frances Allen to be first female VCDS / LGen Rouleau shuffled

    Being VCDS seems to be the hardest and most thankless position in the CAF. The huge span that includes critical corporate and command responsibilities is brutal. Admiral Zwick apparently looked at the problem and produced an org chart that he felt would address many of the issues, but it...
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    Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR

    Good day all, Can you advise what store has the best inventory of combat boots in the Ottawa area? I stopped at Fundy Tactical but they had nothing in my size (female 8). They said they would order in a pair for me to try but I never heard from them again. Currently wearing a pair of Swats...
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    Calling all ladies/females/women!

    So happy to see you back! I've missed your commentary.
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    Pay Raise 2021

    The pay raise is official with CANFORGEN 2021 released today. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/maple-leaf/defence/2021/03/caf-members-receive-pay-increase.html And there was great joy and celebration...
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    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    To add to the discussion, I would argue that even if the relationship was no longer sexual when she was working directly for Vance in Toronto (as he alleges and she disputes), it still would have been highly inappropriate. You do not ever have a command relationship with an intimate connection...
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    Can you tell what rank someone is in Civilian clothes?

    But the #3s are washable. (Maybe not the tunics.) I've been machine washing and drying mine on delicate for the last decade. Hang them up straight out of the dryer and they only take a couple minutes to iron. Even when I wore them every day, I didn't find they wore out more quickly than those...
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    Can you tell what rank someone is in Civilian clothes?

    But you were wearing dockers and a golf shirt! The sergeant-majors' civilian uniform...
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    Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    As well, I don't think the system has devised a way to deal with the perpetually offended or the malicious. There are complaintants who cannot be mollified by anything less than harsh and public punishment of those who have offended them. Sometimes there is a mental health aspect to it, but...