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  1. NorthernOtter

    FOR SALE: 2008 Mazda 3 Sport GT (Halifax)

    2008 Mazda MAZDA3 Sport GT 2.3L, 5 Speed Manual 141,431 KM MVI till April 2018 Recently installed new rotors and pads all around in November. Also had new spark plugs and air filter replaced at this time. Alignment, balance, and oil change done at 140,000km. Includes Winter Tires on steel...
  2. NorthernOtter

    Switching Trades

    Another quick question: I am going to be applying for DEO MARS, Pilot, and Logistics. If I accept and offer for MARS, and then in the future wish to re-apply for Pilot, what would that process entail? Let's say that I choose to switch 4 years down the road.
  3. NorthernOtter

    DEO Timeline and Salary

    Hi, I'm considering a career as a DEO for a few trades (MARS, Pilot, and Logistics). I have a Bachelor in Commerce, spec. Marketing from the University of Ottawa. I visited a recruiting office recently, which answered a lot of questions. However I have a couple more which could be answered...