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    I have a general, but important question that I am hoping someone could shed some light on. I am a Reservist and would submitting a VAC claim for an OSI negitively impact my remaining 7 years in the Reserve Force, as in would I be able to continue to serve my remaining 7 years? I have a valid...
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    Tinnitus Entitlement Review

    Does anyone have any idea on how much of a Lump Sum amount equates to for an Entitlement of five fifths for Tinnitus Review? I do know that is the highest of the fifths and was wondering out of curiosity how much approx estimate amount it would be if Decision is Favourable? What does five fifths...
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    Osteoarthritis Knee Condition

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody know approx or an estimated amount one would receive for a favourable Knee claim?
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    Chronic Low Back claim

    For curiosity purposes, anyone have any idea on a ballpark amount estimate you would receive for an approved Lower Back or upper back claim for an Entitlement? What about a Knee claim? I'm not looking for a specific amount, just an approximate of what I might be looking at "IF" one of those...
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    Bringing back "Double Dipping"

    Any new word that they might be bringing back double dipping for the Reserves? I've been hearing some strong talk from my WO and a Capt at Admin OR that it is a good possibility, but have anyone on here heard anything more concrete or good source talk as well? I hate to use the words "double...