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  1. goldwing

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Anyone recognize this OCdt (officer cadet for you civies)? He just spoke against the government, in uniform, at a freedom rally. Not sure where. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CId7CO8J-dU/?igshid=brf0dc54ydzm
  2. goldwing

    Leave vs Haircut/Shaving

    I have been on sick leave from 16 Dec 09 until my medical release date of 15 Jan 10. During the week of 11-15 Jan I have to go back to Cold Lake to do my final release clearances. What do the regs say about having to get a haircut/shave while on leave? My theory is that if I am on leave, I don't...
  3. goldwing


    Does anyone know of any more info on the $25,000 Home Relocation Loan?  How many years does it have to be paid back in?  The IRPP site gives some info but doesn't fully explain it.