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  1. Northalbertan

    Fund Raising idea going well need a good charity for partner

    I had a great fundraising idea for our cadet corps that looks like it has borne fruit and I am looking for a good military charity that could use some funding, potentially tens of thousands of dollars, seriously, no BS.  I was thinking along the lines of Wounded Warriors but am looking for some...
  2. Northalbertan

    Reasons for joining the CCO/Military

    I'm not sure if it's good form to discuss topics of this nature or not but thought that some would not mind sharing their stories. For myself it started last year.  I work in the oilpatch here in Alberta.  I make a pretty good living off of it, but for the first time in a number of years the...
  3. Northalbertan

    Documents to give to C Scot R museum/archive

    We have some documents, photographs and some other things we would like to donate to the C Scot r museum or archives.  My wife's great uncle died during the fighting near Calais in WW2 and we have a few things we feel should be with the regiment if they want it.  If anyone could help us out we...