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  1. Antoine

    The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us

    I don't have any military training, but it might be of interest for you. Particularly during watchkeeping under sleep deprivation. In (1), some example and in (2) the long explanation. 1) www.theinvisiblegorilla.com/videos.html 2) www.youtube.com/atgoogletalks#p/u/6/4rdUk52h-MY
  2. Antoine

    For the Biosciences Officer out there and others

    Hi guys, The following is lightly specialize but should be of interest to anyone with a soft spot for science. I found Dr. Kary Mullis, 1993 Noble Prize Laureate, particularly bang on about science and the process of discovery. You'll find his interview/seminar at the following links and many...
  3. Antoine

    Les guerres biologiques-France Inter-emission de radio

    France-Inter, emission La tete au carre http://sites.radiofrance.fr/franceinter/em/lateteaucarre/index.php?id=94805
  4. Antoine

    Merck Frosst closure a blow

    That hurts ! By Jason Magder, Montreal Gazette July 15, 2010 www.montrealgazette.com/business/Merck+Frosst+closure+blow+Clement/3282650/story.html By Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press www.finance.sympatico.ca/home/drugmaker_merck_closing_8_plants_8_research_sites_including_in_montreal/21f66f71
  5. Antoine

    achat de 65 avions de chasse F-35

  6. Antoine

    The human genome at ten

    For the military geek out there, it is a good time to wrap up on the work done "nearly a decade on from the completion of the draft sequence of the human genome". A special "sum up" on the subject was published recently in the "bible of scientist" : Nature journal. Some articles are of general...
  7. Antoine

    Emission TV/Radio Planète Terre: éclairer les bouleversements internationaux

    Pour ceux qui s'interressent a la politique international, l'émission planète terre est maintenant facilement accessible et financée à meme vos impôts. Un brin intello gauchiste mais vous y trouverez des éléments d'analyse intéressant. http://www.cerium.ca/Planete-Terre?lang=fr Depuis janvier...
  8. Antoine

    Mort du dernier vétéran canadien de la Première Guerre mondiale

    jeudi 18 février 2010: Mort du dernier vétéran canadien de la Première Guerre mondiale www.radio-canada.ca/nouvelles/National/2010/02/18/001-babcock-mort.shtml RIP  :salute:
  9. Antoine

    Is there Anybody in There? and Holy Surgical Side Effect

    Those two topics blew my mind: 1-Is there Anybody in There?, by Greg Miller, ScienceNOW, on February 3, 2010: news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2010/02/03-02.html 2-Holy Surgical Side Effect, by Greg Miller, ScienceNOW, on February 10, 2010: news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2010/02/10-02.html
  10. Antoine

    The Unofficial Story/ Chacun sa vérité

    The fifth estate: Watch Full Documentary  ORIGINALLY BROADCAST ON NOVEMBER 27, 2009: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2009-2010/the_unofficial_story/ Enquête: Reportage du jeudi 11 février 2010: http://www.radio-canada.ca/emissions/enquete/2009-2010/Reportage.asp?idDoc=103508
  11. Antoine

    Naval Chemistry

    U.S. Naval Academy chemistry majors are a different breed, Rudy M. Baum, Chemical & Engineering News, February 15, 2010, Volume 88, Number 7, pp. 49 http://pubs.acs.org/cen/education/88/8807education.html Chemical & Engineering News ISSN 0009-2347 Copyright © 2010 American Chemical Society
  12. Antoine

    Délateurs en liberté

    Emission Enquete de radio-Canada (TV), Reportage du jeudi 4 février 2010 Délateurs en liberté www.radio-canada.ca/emissions/enquete/2009-2010/Reportage.asp?idDoc=102943
  13. Antoine

    La chasse aux pirates

    Emission Une heure sur terre de la TV de Radio-Canada Reportage du vendredi 5 février 2010: La chasse aux pirates www.radio-canada.ca/emissions/une_heure_sur_terre/2009-2010/Reportage.asp?idDoc=103012
  14. Antoine

    Engin explosif improvisé: la mort dissimulée

    La radio de radio-canada: les Annees Lumiere, Science et technologie, Le dimanche 24 janvier 2010: Une centaine de militaires canadiens, et des civils, ont été tués en Afghanistan en roulant ou en marchant sur des engins explosifs improvisés. Plusieurs autres ont été gravement blessés. Pourquoi...
  15. Antoine

    Tech News in Forensic Science and Identification Services

    For Forensic Scientist, I found the following news interesting. You are welcome to add reviews or news on the Forensic Science and related worlds. Gel turns clear for cocaine detection by Lewis Brindley in Chemistry World 22 January 2010: Chinese researchers have developed an aptamer...
  16. Antoine

    Recent Warfare Technologies

    Some links to new chemical technology reports. Some are probably sponsored by the US and or British military. How long between R&D and applications? 1-Tune in for sensitive explosive detection by Anna Roffey in Highlights in Chemical Science, Volume 2010, 02 Scientists in Japan and Ireland...
  17. Antoine

    Fake Pharmaceuticals

    Feel free to move this topic on another section if it is not pertinent to the present one. Fake Pharmaceuticals, By Sarah Everts in Chemical & Engineering News, January 4, 2010, Volume 88, Number 1, pp. 27 - 29 Those fighting against counterfeit medicines face increasingly sophisticated...
  18. Antoine

    Glowing bugs could find landmines

    One of several technologies under development to find landmines. I don't know if it is a reasonable one. From BBC news: "Bacteria which glow green in the presence of explosives could provide a cheap and safe way to find hidden landmines, Edinburgh scientists claim. The bugs can be mixed into a...
  19. Antoine

    Rules of Engagement, the movie

    I am watching Rules of Engagement (2000) on APTN channel. Despite I felt they were "manipulating" my emotion without subtility, it still made me think about those situations where fighters are hidden with civilians or used them as a shield. Made me think about our military fighting in the sand...
  20. Antoine

    Being an astronaut?

    Hi All, I dreamed to be an astronaut, but of course I didn't do anything to achieve it, and now I am not competitive enough and too old to get there. However, I was wondering how many of CF members are working toward this objective, or dream about it. Is it part of the CF culture ? I wasn't...