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  1. chriscalow

    Mystery ranch jump ruck.

    Yes, you read it right.  This is as comfy as a jump ruck can get. Desperate times/desperate measures.  I'm going to regret letting this go, but I really need to fix my truck and still play Santa. EMT preferred or Cash local to Petawawa. PM with email address for pics. Nice frame size M yoke...
  2. chriscalow

    Complete Jump Ruck, ruck parts/upgrades

    Upgrade your jump ruck! Prices noted per piece. PM with email address for pics.  EMT or cash local, buyer pays shipping: $150 Complete cpgear jump ruck with frame, no valise (coyote brown) NWOT. $75 ALICE frame with blackhawk enhanced shoulder straps and hip belt (olive) USED. $90  tactical...
  3. chriscalow

    Snugpak bergen, 5 pocket jump ruck bag

    For sale: snugpak bergen, Olive drab.  I cut off the silly belly band "hip belt" as well as the rain covers.  I use drybags.  If I manage to find them I'll throw them in.  Molded the compression straps to have quick release buckles. Also added longer/stronger aluminum stays.  Includes the...
  4. chriscalow

    5.11 rush 12 - camelback BFM

    Downsizing the gear room, selling 2 bags, surplus to my needs. First is the 5.11 rush 12 in sandstone (khaki).  Great little day bag, tons of organization.  Unfortunately at 6'5, 250 lbs, the bag is just too small for me. Asking $90 OBO plus shipping, or local to Petawawa. Second is a...
  5. chriscalow

    CP gear. Jump ruck parts. Cadpat.

    PM with email for photos. Custom Cadpat modular back panel for Jump Ruck frame or Alice frames. Adapt your ruck to any mission. Attachment points for molle type pouches. Issued CF ruck pouches. Anything else you can think of. Velcro strip for name tape. Attaches in minutes. Frame not...
  6. chriscalow

    urgent: rugby shorts wanted

    Looking for a pair of rugby shorts in Petawawa for a game vs RMC tomorrow White colour preferred, any will do. 36" waist Thanks for looking.
  7. chriscalow

    Blackhawk RAPTOR X3 Pack

     Blackhawk RAPTOR X3 in black. $150 plus shipping OBO EMT is king PM with email for pics Details:BLACKHAWK!® X3 R.A.P.T.O.R. PACKThis X-3 Ranger Assault Pack Tactical Operations Ruck has it all! The X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R. is the latest in Free Fall and Static Line Jumpable Packs that BlackHawk...
  8. chriscalow

    attn 2 Fd Amb pers: cadpat rain cover

    Hello, I was speaking to some medics at the Ironman this past week in Petawawa amd noticed someone had a brown backpack with a Cadpat cover (similar to the white winter ruck cover)  If any one knows how/where to get one of these, and if they are waterproof please get in touch with me. All I...
  9. chriscalow

    canteen pouch issues

    Does anybody else have a hard time with getting their canteen back in its pouch? Especially on the move?  Does it drive anyone else as crazy as it does to me?  Ive tried mounting it horizontally and vertically on both sides of the tac vest and still have troubles. (Im talking about doing this...
  10. chriscalow

    Wanted: blackhawk raptor x3/ eagle a111 airborne large pack

    Looking for something like this: http://www.tacticaldistributors.com/...e-assault-ruck I'm not too picky on the brand, as long as its quality. I'm open to consider any colour but ACU. Let me know if you have one kicking around that you don't use as much as you thought you would. I used mine...
  11. chriscalow

    For Sale: drop zone assault pack. Cadpat TW

    Hey all, I have a Drop Zone assault pack for sale. Its in near mint condition. I've had it for 2 months and sadly my C of C has shut down 100% non-issued kit. Even cadpat that can mount issued daybag pouches.  :( So instead of collecting dust I'm putting it up for sale. I'm going to miss this...
  12. chriscalow

    blackhawk raptor x1, ats raid II pack FS

    First is a Blackhawk Raptor X1 pack. Coyote Brown in colour. Free fall and static line jumpable. Radio antenna/hydration ports. Asking $175 obo Second is an ATS Raid II pack in "ranger" green. Modular attachment points everywhere, inside and out. Long shoulder straps fit well over frag...
  13. chriscalow

    F/S Jump ruck frame and bits

    I have a Jump ruck frame, with an older (plastic style) bag, shoulder straps, kidney pad, and valise. I may have some A7A straps somewhere, no promises. Its all yours, $75 obo + shipping. EMT only please.
  14. chriscalow

    Lots of assault packs. Plate carrier. All O.B.O.

    First up: Camelbak bfm in desert digital cam. Barely used. Asking $125 o.b.o. Next is a 5.11 rush 24 in coyote brown. Bag is used but in good shape. Hoping to get $75 o.b.o. Next is a replica blackhawk r.a.p.t.o.r. X1 in CADPAT. Bag is never used. $50 o.b.o. Finally for bags is a replica...
  15. chriscalow

    Augmentee staff for Infantry School Courses

    Good day all, I recieved my claim and travel orders to go to the Infantry School for a tasking in the new year.  The package came with joining instructions, but had no annexes.  Basically I am looking for a kit list.  The course I am to be working with is BIOC DP1.2  it states that augmentee...
  16. chriscalow

    CANSOFCOM Posters

    I've been seeing posters popping up around the base which seem to be recruiting for CSOR.  They are beautiful pictures.  Does anyone know where someone can get these for personal use?  Is there a way to get Army Posters through the system?  Thanks.
  17. chriscalow

    Recruiting Centre Help... LWOP

    Hello everybody.  I'm hoping for some informed advise here please.  Preferably from someone who knows the inner workings about the swearing in process and LWOP. I'm not sure if this should be in this forum or the Cadet/CIC forum and if I put it in the wrong place would the mods please move it...
  18. chriscalow

    Michael Jackson is "not guilty"

    Not sure how to put the actual story here, but it was just on CNN, Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts, he is a free man (or something like that) now...  ???
  19. chriscalow


    Not sure if this is the right place for this and if it isn't please move it. I am wondering what is the procedure for a civvy going into a kitshop on a Base.  I am taking a trip with my girlfriend across Canada and we plan on visiting a few bases on the way.  I want to get to the CPC kitshop in...
  20. chriscalow

    Army Cadets looking for kit?

    I am selling off all my army crap because I'm joining the Reg Force.  I bought waaay too much crap in my time in cadets. For starters:  Cot- $60 Crookneck Flashlight (w/lenses)- $10 Combat Boots sz10- $20 Combat Boots sz11- $20 WWII helmet (with ace of spades marks)- $20 woodland tilley hat-...