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    Oh, the irony

    My god!  You aren't suggesting that the Liberals would compromise their "values" and do something that would advance their own agenda of being elected/reelected for the sake of being elected/reelected?  That's crazy talkin' man!!  :o *edit to add quotation marks around "values" since writing...
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    Sunshine List

    I think it is time to move the noteworthy line for this thing.  It is nothing for people to break the $100k mark, especially when many ranks have that as a base salary or higher.  What is the point?  Our salaries are a matter of public record.  I don't see what the point of trotting out peoples...
  3. zipperhead_cop

    Unmanned plane patrolling stretch of Canada-U.S. border

    Send out armed Reapers instead and splash any aircraft that don't comply with flight standards.  That will get them back to just smuggling with trucks, boats and body packs. 
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    New Canada/U.S. joint border threat/risk assessment

    Time and money wasting on a grand scale.  :facepalm:
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    The Legality of Self Defence In Canada

    You have the right to defend yourself and use as much force as is reasonably necessary.  It's the "reasonable" part that provided the wild, subjective latitude.  1. Small woman attacked by strange male and pulled towards bushes in sexual assault attempt.  Woman grabs bottle, smashes attacker. ...
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    The Legality of Self Defence In Canada

    That tactical pen is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.  If helping with your own crime scene seems like a good idea, let Darwinism take its course. The best thing anyone, male or female, can do is be aware and not present themselves as a victim.  Don't ignore your instincts and react...
  7. zipperhead_cop

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    I thought we did?  That's why we're leaving? 
  8. zipperhead_cop

    RCMP Info, discussion

    I'm betting it would be your grammar not your skin colour that would get you shut down.  But by all means, quit before ever trying. 
  9. zipperhead_cop

    The Capital Punishment Debate

    Set your calendars for 25 years.  That's when Williams will be out and given a new identity so he can start a new life. 
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    Okay how's this? Cops are bad.  We can't be trusted.  We are vicious thugs and can't be around normal people.  So quite simply, don't invite the police to the next G8, 20, 31, OAS, OPEC whatever meeting.  Have the meeting, call if anything happens.  We'll be purely reactive and only roll out...
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    The talk about a "warrant" is a bit of a misnomer.  What they lacked was a Feeny endorsement to enter the premise.  Likely, the police felt that since it was a public access building and the persons within were not permanent residents there, they were good to go.  One would have hoped they could...
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    RCMP Info, discussion

    Repugnant.  I have no other words  :rage:
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    Respect our values or Leave

    A minor annoyance.  The charges were not dropped.  He was found not guilty.  That is better than them being dropped.  Glad it worked out for Mr. Chen  :salute:
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    Problems and Bugs

    I'm in the same boat.  It keeps telling me about all the CR I'm missing out on  :crybaby:
  15. zipperhead_cop

    New Feature: Daily Challenges

    Wow, this game just gets more and more realistic all the time!!  I think failure rewards are only if you go the officer route though  ;D