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    I was rejected for ROTP, now what?

    The recruiter cannot see the e-mail sent to you from RMC, they will just get a short message from RMC that says something like "found unsuitable for military colleges". RMC does not find applicants suitable for Civvy ROTP, although they may actually say "suitable for civilian university...
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    How can I get my file closed?

    Recruiting staff can close files, it involves a few clicks on the computer, stopping any action that might be in process (ie. canceling backgrounds checks, removal from queue for medical decisions, etc.) and then archiving your physical file. It sounds like you do not want to close your...
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    RMC Culture, etc

    Since you desire to be a Pilot specifically, you should probably know that there is currently a 10-year period of Restricted Release (ie. you will be unable to request release) for all Pilots once they "get their wings". This means, on average, if you go to RMC as a Pilot it'll likely take...
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    Questions before joining

    Having debt is not generally an issue, but having "bad debt" (which has gone to collections) almost certainly is. Such situations can bring up concerns surrounding "reliability" when it comes to making determinations on granting of a security clearance. Otherwise, it is possible for debtors to...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    For those interested, Rory Fowler has released his first blog post discussing the recent MGERC findings. Although he does not go into analysis of the findings themselves, he goes into significant detail into the relationship between the MGERC and the Final Authority, building on his brief...
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    The End of the Virtual Land of the Free

    The whole issue is not about "re-broadcasting" other people's content, it is about being able to share news headlines that include links to the publisher's website. This is why Meta and Google are arguing that they essentially provide free advertising to media outlets, given that much of these...
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    LGBTQ Stuff (split from other political threads)

    This statement seems to focus squarely on disassociation with "nonconsenual" behaviours, including pedophilia. I think one of the major concerns is they seem to be leaving the door open for "Minor Attracted Persons" to argue for "consensual" interpersonal (sexual) relationships with minors, and...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    By "more broadly" I assume you mean one professor from uOttawa, unless you are referring to the lawyer representing the class action as well. I guess Erol Mendes is an "actual expert", despite having no background on the military's administrative framework, compared to someone like Rory Fowler...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    I think if you actually read my post history you'll see that I typically explain my position and am open to debate. That's not the type of statement I'd make.
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    They didn't make any rulings, I'm not sure where you are getting that from. They conducted an analysis, presented their conclusion along with a recommendation to the final grievance authority... exactly how is that stepping out of their bounds? And please explain how Military Administrative Law...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    It's also improper to characterize the tribunal as "a committee that includes one lawyer and an handful of other executive level government workers" given that none of the members are currently in any executive role. When questioning whether or not someone is qualified to hear military grievance...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    The question was not whether the statement was accurate, it was whether or not it was a fair and reasonable characterization when questioning the committees qualification. Saying the committee was comprised of 3 men and 1 woman would also be accurate, but I would not consider it a sufficient...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    The MGERC makes recommendations to the CDS, it doesn't make decisions. That's an important distinction I've already made. The CDS can ignore the recommendation, and it wouldn't surprise me if he did. Then it would be a question of if the arguments made sway the judiciary during probable...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    It is a committee so they don't reach their recommendations alone, and as I said the current Chairperson used to be the Director of the OJAG's administrative law division, so he has an extensive background in constitutional and public administrative law. The member you are referring to, Nina...
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    COVID vaccine mass law tort?

    And the reason that it was never argued as a "bona fide occupational requirement" or part of "universality of service".