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    Majority of Canadians not interested in joining the CAF

    DND and the CAF are talking with the TBS (at fairly high levels) about those issues. But the TBS needs to be convinced. And that’s the difficult part.
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    Change of Command drill question / passing of the Colours and Swagger (Pace) stick

    There shouldn’t be any parade. It should be a sit-down ceremony per the RCAF reconstitution directive.
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    Executive Presence Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All. Here’s How to Develop Yours.

    It goes back to the mantra that is taught early on to fighter pilots: you aim to be humble, credible and approachable.
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    Royal Navy trials using commercial tankers to sustain fleet

    I was merely addressing dimsum’s comment regarding ship availability.
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    Royal Navy trials using commercial tankers to sustain fleet

    It is possible set up a voluntary program, in which companies pledge x number of ships to a civil reserve fleet that when activated, the provider is obligated to support the armed forces, a bit like the US Civil Reserve Air Fleet. Voluntary program (with incentives) and when activated, the...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    To be fair, it’s not far from how many of our fleets operated until recently.
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    Sarin gas blamed for Gulf War syndrome

    It was well known, during the First Gulf War, that Iraq had WMDs.
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    In new directive, US Army reins in Army Futures Command

    Also, gotta be PY neutral…
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    I am talking about the CC295. We have other issues with our Hercs and paratroopers but that’s unrelated.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Looks like Vance returned his CMM. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jonathan-vance-order-of-merit-1.6445250
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    Acting Chief of Military Personnel on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Change Short-Term Initiatives

    I agree we have other big issues but it doesn’t absolve our institutional responsibility to address discrimination. I don’t know whether religious bigotry has an effect on retention (though I suspect it does have an effect, perhaps not as visible as housing, equipment, pay, etc), but it...
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    The issue isn’t when jumping per se but when a static line parachutist becomes hung up.
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    Comd RCAF for RCAF fleets. The AAB only manages the airworthiness aspects, not the readiness/capability aspect.