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    Starting BMQ Soon Prep

    I agree wholeheartedly, but there is a great number of people who drop out of BMQ because they cannot handle BMQ and think military life will be the same and not for them.
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    Starting BMQ Soon Prep

    It is incredibly hard to fail BMQ. People get recoursed to a different platoon, learn from their mistakes and then graduate. Or people realize the military is not for them and drop out. Or people get injured and either leave or get recoursed to a different platoon once they are healed. You...
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    Whats going on with pilot CEOTP? (Seneca)

    Rumour has it they were not satisfied with the quality of instruction when compared to other education streams.
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    Pres class B

    CRA = Compulsory Retirement Age
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    Recruting Medical - Ear Surgery

    Only the RMO will be able to answer that question. Apply, and go through the medical exam. If you pass the exam with the minimum hearing required (H2 I believe?) then the RMO will review the potential impact of your prosthesis on your service. Note: your hearing is examined without any hearing...
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    Enrollment Day

    Reg or Reserve? I am assuming reserves, because Reg F won't know their unit until they finish their trade training. At your enrolment they should give you a package with all the info you need. If they do NOT, do not leave your enrolment without the info you are looking for.
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    CFAT score for Imagery Tech

    The numbers are not public knowledge, which is good because the actual number isn't so important. Get the highest possible score you can, as it is also graded on a percentile scale (how well you did compared to other applicants). You can retake it if you do not score high enough, but only the...
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    CFAT Rewrite

    This is the third time you have asked this question. If your CFAT is high enough for your trade then there is no need to rewrite it. If it does not meet the cutoff for your trade, then you either need to choose a new trade or rewrite it, keeping in mind if you score lower this time that's your...
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    Cfat test

    That is something only you can decide, but you need to consider: -Is your CFAT score high enough for your desired trade? -is there a chance that by rewriting the CFAT you drop below the cutoff for your trade? -is the part you need to improve on something for which you can study? Vocabulary and...
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    Cfat test

    You only get 3 tries. period. Full Stop. And only your most recent score counts, so if the new score is lower than the previous one, that's the one that counts. So make sure you study for your next try.
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    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    The workaround a lot of spouses have found for the online claims is the member creates an account, and gives the spouse the login and password. Then the spouse can submit all the claims whether the member is home or away. The onus is on the spouse to ensure the member is aware of all the claims...
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    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    It was an early January snowshoe ruck march, one of those 4AM recall things that Pet used to do too many of under the old Bde Commander. Rumour has it when the troops showed up with missing kit someone said let's go for a ruck march and show them why they need all their kit. But the issue was...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    My husband got told no appts available in our town, and when he volunteered to travel to where my parents live (still same province) they said no, your OHIP card says this address. you cannot go to another town to get your vaccine. Super frustrating.
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    BMOQ - Vimy Camp experience

    I did BMQ-L in ValCartier. While not the same thing, my course was also 5 weeks of high heat and high humidity. We were CB'd the whole time, but could walk to the base (from the training area shacks, maybe 3-4km) and go to Canex. You should get some time in the evenings to use your cell phone...
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    ROTP at 23

    Only if your desired trade specifically needs an engineering degree and will not accept your physics degree. Your age does not really factor in, other than you need to be young enough to complete your initial contract before reaching mandatory retirement age.