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    What is your favourite Military Saying

    Throughout the years, many people came up with sayings or phrases we often hear. Some of them are good , some of them stick. What is your favourite military phrase? Is it “it’s not training unless it’s raining “ ? I always liked “ the grass is greener on the other side Because there is more manure”!
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Yes, you are right! It is a large call of 132 people. No mention on how many actually was there. However with the crap going on with inappropriate behaviour, you would think someone would be a bit more careful on what is being said. If this is actually true, this person(s) involved are either...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    As I read the post, I should of been more specific. I apologize for any confusion. Those trials came from one unit only. The amount of crap was unbelievable. I think at that time, I seen 5 CO changes in 7 years. Never did know why so many CO Below is the link for this “playbook “ on GO behaving...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    So now we have this red room incident that apparently happened and only 50 something people got interviewed out of the 132. Very shitty investigation to say the least. https://globalnews.ca/news/7715206/military-misconduct-red-room-probe/ Then we have this part time CDS getting his staff to...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Like I said previously, I am not doubting any allegations at all, and I agree things shouldn’t be sweep under the rug. What I do think is that all personal involved should not be thrown to the wolves without a fair and unbiased investigation.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I don’t understand why someone would want to that to people. The lying party should be punished heavily . It says a lot about those who automatically assume people are guilty without a proper unbiased investigation. Because if there actions, they should be remove from command and let it be made...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I should of added this in my last post, but I just thought of it. This is something to think about. I am not doubting of saying the allegations are not true or didn’t happen. This is why there should be a proper investigation by an outside source for a honest conclusion. What if, some...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    This reminds me of a cartoon that I seen. The Cartoon Cop said to the crook “Stop, or I will say stop again “! Typical response, “we are troubled by this, it is wrong”. Behind the scenes they are saying, who cares.
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    Manulife Policies

    Yesterday I spoke to my Manulife Case Manager who is pretty much non existent me. I am at the 6 months mark before my 24 months is finished . I believe a medical form needs to be completed to see about eleibilty for continuation of the CAF LTD. I am a 20 year Vet with bilateral hip injuries...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Most of my 20 years, I never really payed attention to much. I went to the unit, did what I had to do for the day, then went home with my family Never went to the party's, nor did I care. As I think back about things, I know realize some things. Some Snr NCO's slept with their juniors, some...
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    Question about CAF LTD

    If someone qualifies for CAF LTD beyond the 2 years, can they have a part time job? If so, are there any penalties, ets?
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    The CAF has some great officers and some great NCO's, with that there is the complete opposite serving. I am not surprised there is misconduct in the senior ranks. I am also not surprised that some CoC interfered with investigations or tried to hide things, either to help someone they like or to...
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    Over 100%

    What happens after 100%? So, there is no more Disability Benefits payout for any new claimed conditions or reassessments, but you will covered for the new added conditions (such as new claim for sleep apnea, no payout but will be covered for a new device, etc) Am I Missing anything?
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    VAC Question

    I think I already know the answer to this, and it might seem silly for asking. Would VAC pay for a gym membership or a piece of exercise equipment if it is recommended by a specialist?
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    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    Rampant favouritism at play. Asking for advice on how to improve within your occupation is a way of saying to some people, "How much you get to shine at work depends on who you get close to"!