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    VAC wait times

    My APSC claim from 01 Apr 19 was yesterday kicked to "claim withdrawn" status all by itself. When I inquired about this I was told "oh we're moving between claim systems, your claim was moved to the new system to expedit it"... I totally don't believe them.
  2. Kokanee

    Kingston thread - merged

    Sad to see them only going with one provider, back in the day I had Cogeco in the shacks and later on teksavvy which was PHENOMENAL!
  3. Kokanee

    Kingston thread - merged

    Which shacks?
  4. Kokanee


    Here's a reply I received from VA in regards to why it's taking so long: "The Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation is a program that replaced our previous program called the Career Impact Allowance. At this time we are still processing claims for the Career Impact Allowance from February...
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    Submitted on 01 APR 19, still @ Stage 1
  6. Kokanee

    VAC wait times

    Better yet, what otherwise unemployable VAC employee has been given this as a full time task? ;)
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    chronic pain claim advice

    Are you still serving or discharged? "I have no major evidence that the pain is from my military service" --> this is going to be a problem in regards to getting anything from VAC.
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    CAF Specialist Pay [Spec Pay]- All Trades [MERGED]

    It means that you have had to have completed the trades training, AND be Cpl or above.
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    VAC wait times

    Submitted a claim for APSC on 1st of April, and it's still in "Step 1". Nice to see VA is letting it age appropriately on someone's desk...
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    The Khadr Thread

    *lights fire* I'm still amazed that so many years later, there are people who can't wrap their heads around the fact that he was a child soldier when this all went down...
  11. Kokanee

    More than 6,700 veterans from Afghan war receiving federal assistance for PTSD

    I'm curious why a lot of the feedback here is "oh that number is way too high, must be scammers". Couldn't it in fact be that the war actually took a toll on people? This isn't anything new, PTSD is just a different name for "shell shock" etc from the 1st World War. The advent of...
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    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    mine was scheduled for 29 april, now says 30 may...... seems they are fudging the timelines a bit.