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    Firearms - The US Discussion Thread

    Care to cite your sources for that particular assertion?  Don't get me wrong, the current political climate down south is going to the implementation of universal background checks an overall failure  but I reject outright that not one person would be prevented from getting a gun.
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    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    Yes, emissions have dropped.  I heard a long-form interview on Quirks and Quarks about this and it was pointed out that this is a positive sign because it is the first time emissions have dropped while the overall global economy grew.  Previous drops usually coincided with downturns. What was...
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    New RCAF Mess Kit Support wear

    CANAIRGEN 15/13 says white waistcoat is for wear by officers and CWOs, all others wear RCAF tartan cummerbund.  There is no mention of any other branch accoutrements.  How that actually shakes out when this makes it into the dress regs is anyone's guess, though.
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    Paul MacDonald, Inuvik Cadet leader, resigns after 8 years

    And who, pray tell, would those people be?  I don't know of, and can't even imagine, anyone within the CCM that would be gleeful about a cadet unit folding.
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    Anyone else suck at drill?

    Okay, so, I'm from Barrie and I know most of these people.  We're the only Air Cadet squadron in town and we were elsewhere that day (thank The Maker :facepalm: ) so I have no clue who the golf bag bearer or the other one in light blue is.  The rest are staff from the local Sea and Navy League...
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    OD uniform query

    I'd just like to add that the prohibition on cadets wearing the Canada flag badge on the OG-107s is a myth.  There is no such regulation or order. 
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    Politics in 2014

    I think the bigger point of interest will be how the public reacts to the leader of the 3rd party's handling of this.  From a purely HR standpoint, he appears to be playing this by the numbers and being proactive rather than reactive.  His suspension of the MPs and reaching out to both the...
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    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

    Well, they HAD to, didn't they.  The prospect of John Tory being elected is "like ISIS coming to Toronto.  It couldn't be worse!" :facepalm: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/ford-nation-predicts-doomsday-for-toronto-after-tory-victory-132358457.html?cmp=cafb_news
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    If I had to put money on it, it's an incorrect application of an olde tyme RCAF custom that has come into the CF via Air Cadets. The practice was that, when not wearing a headdress or when not able to salute, compliments could be paid to an officer by checking arms. By the time I joined...
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    US Supreme Court Justice use RCAF Workout to Stay in Shape.

    I can't speak for XBX but one of the reasons 5BX was discontinued was that some of the exercises had an increased risk of causing injuries.  I remember seeing a website where someone had taken 5BX and replaced those specific exercises with safer versions but I can't seem to find it now.
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    Bomb Threat at Veterans Affairs Office in Ottawa

    Wow, really?  That escalated quickly. :facepalm:
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    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Though I like the old-style uniform better, I suspect that the "new uniform" will be current DEU with new insignia and accoutrements like retro dress belts (maybe the whole instant dictator kit) and sword belts.
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    Franklin Expedition

    On this, I think you underestimate "most Canadians".  The potential opening of the Northwest Passage to shipping - and how we protect our sovereignty in the area - has been covered enough that I've heard people around me talk about the subject, at some level or another, who normally consider...
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    Franklin Expedition

    As an historical buff, myself, the find is INCREDIBLY exciting.  I was even caught singing Stan Roger's "Northwest Passage" by a co-worker at one point.  But, and there is a but... While I give the PM and the search team 10/10 on their triumph, I have to wonder why some programs are being cut...
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    Search for New Canadian Ranger Rifle (merged)

    When I was a cadet, we trained up on the No. 7 using the indoor range in our armoury.  The Grey and Simcoe Foresters ran a course for senior cadets to use the FNs and we did range weekends in Borden before it was deemed that shooting large bore was an army cadet thing and air cadets weren't...