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    Alcohol helped shape civilization and ferment innovation, says author

    Definitely a fan of Drunk History; we get it via Crave TV.
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    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    Waiting for this to become part of the political finger-pointing..... 🤨
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    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    I leave him on 'Ignore'
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    Dutch ships and designs and the possibilities for Canada

    Chinese state-owned shipbuilder tapped to supply ferry for Crown corporation as Canadians remain jailed Sorry, we can't buy Dutch ships -- we're funding China's shipbuilding industry. (Yes, it's somewhat convoluted, involving sub-contracting through other nations' industries, but bottom line...
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    US, NATO Outta Afghanistan 2021 (retitled from "Joe Biden gives up on the war in Afghanistan, leaving a weak ally")

    If anyone is interested in the actual 29 Feb 2020 Trump/Taliban agreement on the withdrawal of US/Coalition forces, including timelines, it's available here. Enjoy.
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    Not just fear....
  7. US Cult of Ignorance.jpg

    US Cult of Ignorance.jpg

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    No plan for Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

    There's always the Legion's bling.
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    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    You say that like the Air Force actually has dress regs. "Regulations"
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    Replacing the Subs

    I can't imagine a need for Arctic security. Kumbaya and sunny ways.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    And that was news 5 days ago. You're on a roll. Thank you Mike, for the Ignore function.
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    The Case for AEW&C Aircraft

    Ah yes, the BV141 -- first aircraft designed by a HQ committee. ;)
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    Recruiting video comparisons

    No video can compare with what the Canadian Army posted today on Social Media as "Monday Motivation" #WTF
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    The RCR, who will be the new Col in Chief?

    Enough waffling. Announce that it's Colonel Sanders and be done with it.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Abso-fucking-lutely Municipal, provincial, federal -- why are competence, honesty, ethics so scarce? :mad: