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    Accumulated Leave, BTL

    I'm about to amend a Christmas leave request, removing my short days, after being told that "x CDSB BTL does not authorize the accumulation of leave." I'm unfamiliar with accumulated leave, and I'd appreciate any guidance I can get in not wasting all of three weeks of leave that I haven't been...
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    Mess Dues

    I've been hit with a bill for mess dues. I'm asking for more information including exactly what dates I'm getting charged for, etc, but I've got a few thoughts going through my head regarding it. First off, I haven't been invited/able to attend a mess meeting in at least two years. I was on...
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    Getting ID in BC when you don't have any

    What do you need to start getting ID? In order to get it, everyone seems to require ID that she doesn't have in order to get ID. Her lack of ID has just become more of an issue as she can't hire a lawyer without proper ID. Her wallet was lost two years ago and she's made occasional attempts...
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    Help contacting someone at Jericho Garrison?

    The powers that be rented the housing back. When there's no more housing, expect releases and divorces for folks posted there. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Help contacting someone at Jericho Garrison?

    Tim, I asked around the single quarters building and sent you an email. Brian, It's in a locked, fenced compound. Pretty sure it's somebody in the PMQs, but between the Laser and RST scrambles, figuring out what random, possibly class A dude left his fun car that he's been neglecting is...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    There's room for discussion as to whether it's best. If you're looking to balance quality of life (spending time with your family) vs an interesting work environment, you may want to consider a different trade. Since you're looking at the reserves as well, consider support trades, specifically...
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    Reserve recruit medicals are not happening at this time.
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    CBIs, benefits, admin for ROTP CT by Cl B

    Bottom line up front: What's the gameplan for a CT'd reservist who goes ROTP (RMC)? If there's no spouse or dependents, does their stuff go into storage? Where does it go into storage and what is the situation for access? Situation: Cost move, receiving PLD for permanent Cl B. ROTP selection...
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    Sup Res to PRes CT

    So where's the initial point of contact? At his unit or at CFRC?
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    Sup Res to PRes CT

    Member is DP2-qualified, Sup Res since 2018, wishes to CT back to Primary Reserve. Same trade, same old unit willing to employ him. Available for immediate employment. Member has been directed to CFRC, which is of course at minimal manning. Member says he thinks he's "just supposed to re-enroll...
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    Changes to service medals announced

    Last time that I looked into this to see which of my troops qualified for what, the big reference was    From CANFORGEN 201/18: “THE GSM, OR BAR TO THE GSM, MAY ONLY BE AWARDED TO AN ELIGIBLE PERSON WHO IS IN AN ELIGIBLE LOCATION 180 DAYS OR MORE EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER THE DAY THEY QUALIFIED...
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Quite the opposite. There are often more deployment opportunities for reserve sigs relative to the number of trained reserve sigs. As has been posted, reserves are almost exclusively "core", soon to be called signal operator again. Sig Ops don't fix radios. If you want to do something else, it...
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    I'm likely from your unit, and you may have noticed several pers who aren't around much lately. We're deployed and/or deploying overseas on operations. All pers, regardless of trade, have a weapon whenever the threat level justifies it. Pers in your trade spend plenty of time outside. Not all...
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    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Yup. Expanding that, even if they flew back through Kuwait for the 241st day, they're not getting a GSM. If they do 30 days in Kuwait, then 209 days in Iraq, then 2 days in Kuwait, they get a GSM.
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    Training Payment for Reserves

    Pay In Lieu of Leave. You get some extra money for short-term work, as if you were working 30 days or more you would get vacation days.