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xx The Warning System

April 26, 2018, 14:53:06 by Scott
Next to the Staff turnover last year, the largest change we've had is in how we apply and manage warnings. In the old days, it was by manually slapping a huge banner on a user's account, writing it up and then manually removing it when the time came. The new approach is simpler and more transparent, for everyone. It's also streamlined to keep the Staff from becoming bogged down in managing warnings.

  • A 0% warning can be used if a "warning shot" is needed, with no impact.
  • Users may apply a +5% warning to another user via the MilPoints Assessment screen, this falls into line with our users policing users approach.
  • At 10% a user is added to a watch list for the staff.
  • At 25% a user is moderated (all posts must be approved)
  • At 50%+ a user is muted (they cannot post)
  • Warnings automatically decay at a rate of 10% per day.
  • Each Staff can apply no more than 50% to a given user, on a given day.
  • This means any Staff can mute a user immediately, but concurrence from another Staff is required to keep it in place.
  • E.G. A user with 70% warning will be unable to post for 2 days, and back to normal usage in 7 days.
  • A user's entire warning history is displayed on the warning screen.
  • Staff can decrease warning % at any time.
  • All messages and warnings are logged, this helps any review process.

If you receive a warning that you wish to dispute, PM me and I will look into it. Please do not PM any Staff you see online. We're trying, as much as possible, to streamline how we handle matters like this, and a common approach is what is required.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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xx Rising Star Simon Cox: Decorated in the military, building oil and gas

Yesterday at 20:08:26 by daftandbarmy
A week after he returned from a nine-month combat mission as a company commander in Afghanistan, with constant enemy threat, firefights and NATO gunship strikes fresh in mind, Simon Cox settled into his new job at the Royal Bank of Canada as a financial planner.

“It was very surreal to sit back and look around my office,” Cox recalls.

He remembers that day not only for its stark contrast but also because it was his 30th birthday. Up until then, his life was the military. He had already served in two international operations (the first was Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he led a platoon in support of peace operations).

In some ways, Cox’s life trajectory was set while growing up. His father was in the military and moved the family from one army base to another across the country every couple years.

Cox joined the cadets at age 12. Then after high school, he moved to Calgary to study military and Canadian history at the University of Calgary while training as an infantry officer. His goal, at the time, was to lead a platoon in an international operation, which he realized in Bosnia-Herzegovina shortly after finishing his degree.

Superior performance, bravery, leadership and book smarts account for Cox’s rise through the ranks. He has been richly decorated with military distinctions and, last year, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Army Primary Reserves.
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xx Operation HUSKY 2018

July 10, 2018, 14:42:22 by 211RadOp
Op HUSKY 2018 kicked off today with soldiers from 1 Can Div following the 320Km route that their predecessors did 75 years ago. The website will allow you to create an account to follow their journey and they also have a Facebook page.

CTV News story
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clip CFCWO Change of Appointment - Jul 2018

July 06, 2018, 11:02:28 by Eye In The Sky
Article Link

New CFCWO | Nouvel Adjuc des FC

From the CDS:

The NCM corps is the backbone of the #CAF. CWO West has been key to its modernization, inspiring our people to demonstrate leadership at unprecedented levels. I’m so grateful for his years of outstanding service and look forward to seeing great things from CFCWO Guimond.
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xx Guelph Area Woman Searching For Military "Guardian Angel" Who Saved her Son

July 05, 2018, 23:38:14 by Bruce Monkhouse

A woman is searching for a “guardian angel” who may have saved her son’s life after a terrifying fall at the Elora Gorge last weekend.

On Saturday Joanne Beckett, her two youngest children and her boyfriend were enjoying a walk in the gorge when her son Zakaria, 8, slipped and fell, banging his head on the edge of a rock.
“Mom, my head!” he screamed.
“I turned to see him crawling toward me, his scalp split down the centre, from the forehead right to the back,” Beckett said. over the phone from Barrie.
"At first I thought he'd lost an eye because there was so much blood. Then I saw that his scalp had split open about five centimetres wide and I could see his skull."
Adrenaline took over. Beckett picked her son up up in her arms and carried him up 60 steps to the top of the gorge where someone called 911.

Zakaria was bleeding badly from a head wound that was 24 centimetres long.
That's when the guardian angel appeared.

A group had been rappelling nearby and one of them was a member of the armed forces with medical training.
"He was amazing. He just took over the situation," Becket said of the soldier, who she said was in his mid-to-late 20s.
That man assessed Zakaria, kept everyone calm, bandaged Zak’s head with a special head bandage from a first aid kit he had with him, then covered it with a compression bandage.
Not only did he provide medical assistance, he then cradled Zakaria and spoke softly to him to help keep him calm.
“When the ambulance arrived the paramedic marvelled over the amazing job the medic had done,” Beckett said. “The paramedic said Zak could have bled out if it hadn't been for the medic."

Her son spent nine hours at Groves Memorial Hospital where Beckett said he received amazing care. Luckily, there was no fracture or concussion and he is now gingerly recovering at home.
But Beckett, who ended up fainting at the hospital once the adrenaline had worn off, never got the name of the military medic and is now searching for him to thank him personally.
She took to Facebook Wednesday night to ask for the public’s help.

“I can never express how grateful our family is to him. My children are my greatest treasure in life, I can't imagine my life without any of them. The medic not only saved my son, but a little brother, a grandson, a nephew and a friend. We can never repay him,” Beckett wrote in a Facebook post.
As as of mid-afternoon Thursday had been shared almost 7,000 times.

All she knows is that the man is from Toronto and is stationed in Alberta. She believes he had just been at Camp Borden for training.
"I understand if he doesn't want to be contacted, but I just never got to thank him personally and I just want to let him know that Zak's doing fine," Beckett said.
"It was quite the adventure."
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xx Public duties - RCAF

June 26, 2018, 19:57:51 by Blackadder1916
Much like 2 PPCLI who provided the Guard one year ago, Canadians are again in London and Windsor protecting the Sovereign.  This time in Air Force blue.
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