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xx The Warning System

Today at 14:53:06 by Scott
Next to the Staff turnover last year, the largest change we've had is in how we apply and manage warnings. In the old days, it was by manually slapping a huge banner on a user's account, writing it up and then manually removing it when the time came. The new approach is simpler and more transparent, for everyone. It's also streamlined to keep the Staff from becoming bogged down in managing warnings.

  • A 0% warning can be used if a "warning shot" is needed, with no impact.
  • Users may apply a +5% warning to another user via the MilPoints Assessment screen, this falls into line with our users policing users approach.
  • At 10% a user is added to a watch list for the staff.
  • At 25% a user is moderated (all posts must be approved)
  • At 50%+ a user is muted (they cannot post)
  • Warnings automatically decay at a rate of 10% per day.
  • Each Staff can apply no more than 50% to a given user, on a given day.
  • This means any Staff can mute a user immediately, but concurrence from another Staff is required to keep it in place.
  • E.G. A user with 70% warning will be unable to post for 2 days, and back to normal usage in 7 days.
  • A user's entire warning history is displayed on the warning screen.
  • Staff can decrease warning % at any time.
  • All messages and warnings are logged, this helps any review process.

If you receive a warning that you wish to dispute, PM me and I will look into it. Please do not PM any Staff you see online. We're trying, as much as possible, to streamline how we handle matters like this, and a common approach is what is required.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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xx Anyone train with this guy?

Yesterday at 15:54:52 by CBC Diana
Anyone here train with Alek Minassian?  He's the guy who's been charged with the van incident on Yonge St in Toronto on Monday. He was only in St Jean, Que for 16 days last fall before asking to be released. I'm a reporter at CBC in Toronto who's been working on this story.  Reach me here or privately by email:    thanks.
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xx Suggested changes to CAF TOS [split from changes to dress]

April 12, 2018, 20:05:29 by PPCLI Guy
No lots of currently serving members on those pages don't like it either.

The same people (or their ilk) who thought that the world would end as a result of a host of things, including: unification, women serving on ships and in the combat arms, homosexuals serving in the military at all etc, and also thought that drinking during the day, strippers in the mess at lunch, driving home drunk, hazing, and abusive leadership were all good things.

Just saying.
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xx Upcoming Changes to the Dress Manual

April 12, 2018, 12:01:46 by Halifax Tar
So I have seen it, a few times on social media; and on here.  I keep hearing this summer we are going to see some, what seems to be, drastic changes to the personal grooming standards laid out in the dess manual.  I hear things like a free for all on beards, long hair for men, goatees, earrings for men....ect, ect.

I have heard sailors in my unit lines mumbling about it now.  Has anyone actually been briefed on this topic ?  Or this pure rumor mill stuff going on ?
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xx Athabaskan Left Halifax for The Last Time Today

March 29, 2018, 23:18:23 by tomahawk6
Sad day for a proud ship after 45 years of service is towed out of Halifax on its way to be scrapped at Cape Breton.

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