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xx Forum suggestion- Survival and prepping

August 29, 2016, 00:17:29 by Jarnhamar
I want to propose an idea for a new forum to the staff (and members) to see if it's a worth while effort.

I've thought about suggesting a Survival/prepping type forum in the past but the recent news article from Germany about being prepared to survive on your own for 10 days got me thinking about it again. 

It's still common enough to see people make some pretty big mistakes in survival situations not just in the woods but at home too like cooking inside the house with a propane BBQ. 

I'd like to do what Germany suggested myself and collect at least 10 days worth of supplies with a long term goal of maybe 3-6 months, a forum about that stuff might be useful. In other places I've seen stickies about different kinds of maps, different survival apps, improvised shelters, stuff like that. 

Might be interesting to try?
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xx Stranded paddlers get military rescue in Yukon - CBC

August 30, 2016, 23:31:12 by Dimsum
Is it bad that the first thing I noticed were the CADPAT flying suits/jackets? 

BZ to 408 Sqn!

Three American paddlers are safe after being rescued by the Canadian Forces in Yukon.

Shane Yarborough and two other paddlers from Skagway, Alaska, had been hiking and paddling a raft near Bennett Lake.They were planning a one-day trip, however, he says they got lost among river channels.

"We got turned around on the river so we found the highest area we could. We sat down and set up camp until everybody came to get us," said Yarborough.

It was coincidence that search-and-rescue helicopters were training nearby as part of Operation Nanook...
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xx "2016 Public Report On The Terrorist Threat To Canada"

August 25, 2016, 20:56:26 by
This out today from Public Safety Canada's info-machine:
The 2016 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada provides a clear picture of the terrorist threats faced by our country and is part of the Government’s commitment to be open and transparent with Canadians. The report will help Canadians better understand the current threat environment and the action being taken by our Government to keep Canadians safe, while protecting our rights and values.

The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today released the 2016 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada. In 2015 and early 2016, the main threat to Canada remained that violent extremists could be inspired by groups such as Daesh and al-Qaida to carry out an attack.

Supporting the Government’s counter-terrorism measures is Canada’s National Terrorism Threat Level, which is presented for the first time in this report. This important tool helps government officials and law enforcement agencies identify risks and vulnerabilities and determine which measures to put in place to prevent or mitigate a violent act of terrorism. The current threat level remains at medium ...
Here's the summary of the report:
Threat Environment

The principal terrorist threat to Canada remains that posed by violent extremists who could be inspired to carry out an attack in Canada. Violent extremist ideologies espoused by terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaida continue to appeal to certain individuals in Canada.

As in recent years, the Government of Canada has continued to monitor and respond to the threat of extremist travellers, that is, individuals who are suspected of travelling abroad to engage in terrorism-related activity. The phenomenon of extremist travellers—including those abroad, those who return, and even those prevented from travelling—poses a range of security concerns for Canada. As of the end of 2015, the Government was aware of approximately 180 individuals with a nexus to Canada who were abroad and who were suspected of engaging in terrorism-related activities. The Government was also aware of a further 60 extremist travelers who had returned to Canada.

The National Terrorism Threat Level

This Report, for the first time, includes a description of Canada's National Terrorism Threat Level system. The threat level has been unchanged since October 2014; it is MEDIUM, meaning a violent act of terrorism could occur in Canada. The threat level aims to ensure a consistent understanding across the Government of the general terrorism threat to Canada. The threat level serves as a tool for government officials, including those in law enforcement, to identify risks and vulnerabilities from threats and, in turn, determine appropriate responses to prevent or mitigate a violent act of terrorism.

The Global Environment

The threat environment has also evolved beyond Canada's borders. Daesh has continued to dominate the landscape in the Middle East, where other terrorist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and Hizballah also operate. Elsewhere in the Middle East, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has taken advantage of the civil conflict in Yemen to capture territory there and strengthen itself. This past year also saw Daesh's expansion in Africa, and Boko Haram (now rebranded as an Daesh affiliate in West Africa) continues to pose a major threat to regional stability. In South and Southeast Asia, Daesh expansionism and entrenched regional groups shaped the threat environment.

Emerging Issues

This Report includes a feature on emerging issues in terrorism. These issues—the role of technology in terrorism, the participation of women in terrorist activities, and use of chemical weapons by terrorist organizations—have been widely discussed in the media over the past year. They represent only a fraction of many evolving issues that make terrorism such a complex problem.

Responding to the Threat

Since 2002, 20 individuals have been convicted of terrorism offences under the Criminal Code. Another 21 have been charged with terrorism-related offences (including 16 since January 2015) and are either awaiting trial or have warrants outstanding for their arrest.

Canada is contributing in a robust way, with more than 60 other countries, to the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh. This includes military initiatives and efforts to stem the flow of "foreign terrorist fighters," cut off Daesh's funding sources, support stabilization, and expose and counter Daesh's ideology. More broadly, Canada has maintained a Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program as a key part of its terrorism prevention efforts.

The Government of Canada's counter-terrorism efforts to address this evolving threat continue to be guided by the twin obligations to both keep Canadians safe and safeguard fundamental Canadian values and liberties.
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xx The miracle twins and the unknown hero - Macleans

August 20, 2016, 15:51:28 by Dimsum
BZ to OCdt Chung for stepping up - I see good things in his future.  We need more news stories like this.

Kris Chung walked through the front door of Toronto General Hospital at 7:00 a.m., as instructed. Over the next hour, while medical staff prepped him for surgery, every doctor who approached his bedside asked the same question: Are you absolutely sure about this? It is not too late to change your mind.

“I was very calm,” Kris recalls, more than a year removed from that April morning in 2015. “Honestly, I felt more nervous about walking into an exam than being wheeled into the operating room.”

A soldier-in-training, the 19-year-old assured the docs, again and again, he was good to go. By 8:00 a.m., the anaesthetic kicked in.

Across the street at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, four-year-old Binh Wagner was waiting for what Kris had come to give: a piece of his healthy liver. By then, Binh and her twin sister, Phuoc, had triggered countless headlines around the world, their story almost too heartbreaking to believe: both girls, adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage, needed life-saving liver transplants—but their dad, a perfect match, could donate to only one. (A portion of his liver had already gone to Phuoc, deemed the sicker of the two.)

Moved by the girls’ rarest of plights, more than 600 strangers volunteered to be the second donor, knowing full well they were signing up for major surgery, weeks of recovery, and complete anonymity. Kris was the chosen one, his identity known only to hospital staff and a few trusted others. In a medical drama that was so widely publicized, he was the unknown hero.

“I’d like to thank the donor,” said a tearful Michael Wagner, the girls’ Kingston, Ont., dad, at a post-surgery press conference. “They put their life on the line for someone they’ve never met, and changed our lives forever.” Beside him, his wife was crying, too. “I would like to say to the anonymous donor that you were in my thoughts as much as my daughter was in my thoughts,” Johanne Wagner said. “Thank you for your unselfishness.”

Today, 16 months later, the Wagners know exactly where to direct their eternal gratitude. Binh’s anonymous donor, it turned out, lived barely five minutes down the road, in the dorm at Kingston’s Royal Military College (RMC). They connected on Facebook at first, then eventually at a downtown coffee shop. “I just gave him a big hug when I first saw him,” Johanne says. “I don’t even think I said: ‘Thank you.’ It was more: ‘Wow, it’s you.’ ”

As epilogues go, this one is tough to beat: a young man who risked his life to help a dying stranger meets the beautiful little girl he saved. But this postscript doesn’t end here.

Over the past few months, Kris has become so much more than the anonymous organ donor; he is now the closest thing to a member of the family. He drops by the Wagners’ house nearly every day—always welcome for supper—and his bond with Binh, now five, is palpable. Her face lights up when he walks through the door. “My Kris,” she calls him. Anxious to change even more lives than he already has, Kris has also joined forces with Johanne to launch a not-for-profit organization, Twins for Hope, aimed at helping impoverished children in Vietnam access shelter, education and health care....
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xx Body found in search for missing Cape Breton soldier in Ontario

August 19, 2016, 10:32:14 by jollyjacktar
Sad news.  Too young.  My deepest condolences to his family and mates.  :salute:

Body found in search for Cape Breton soldier missing in Ontario

Andrew Fitzgerald, 19, went missing on Saturday from Owen Sound, Ont.

By Rachel Ward, CBC News Posted: Aug 18, 2016 9:18 PM AT| Last Updated: Aug 18, 2016 9:49 PM AT

Police have found a body believed to be that of 19-year-old Cape Breton soldier Pte. Andrew Fitzgerald.

Around 3:45 p.m. ET Thursday, members of the Ontario Provincial Police underwater team found a body near the water treatment facility on the eastern shore of Owen Sound Harbour.

Fitzgerald, who is from Cape North, N.S., graduated from an infantry course last Friday at 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford, Ont., about 30 kilometres from Owen Sound.

His parents had flown from Cape Breton to attend the ceremony.

Fitzgerald was scheduled to fly to Gagetown, N.B., that Saturday to join a regular force infantry unit, but was last seen in civilian clothes near a gas station in Owen Sound around 4:30 a.m.

Police and military members have been searching for Fitzgerald since.

A coroner has ordered a post-mortem examination at the London Health Science Centre, the Owen Sound Police Service said in a news release Thursday evening.

Owen Sound police will hold a news conference Friday at 11 a.m.
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