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xx Military and First Responder Appreciation 3-7 and 11-14 Oct at Eagle Creek Golf

October 03, 2016, 21:43:42 by joe.blanchard
All,   Subject: Appreciation week at Eagle Creek

On behalf of Eagle Creek Golf Club wishes to invite the Military and First Responders of Ottawa Region the opportunity to play Eagle Creek Golf Club recently voted, “top 100 golf courses in Canada”. We will be offering two appreciation weeks in October please see attachment. If you could pass this document along to all the bulletin boards in Ottawa Region and they can simply email us and set up tee times at half price. I hope they come on out and feel like our members and enjoy one of the best golf courses in our region.

Kind regards

Ryan Little PGA, Director of Operations, Eagle Creek Golf Club
ClubLink One Membership More Golf®
109 Royal Troon, Lane, R.R. #1, Dunrobin, Ontario, K0A 1T0
Tel: 613-832-3804 ext. 2224 | Fax: 613-832-2955
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xx Military police busted down womans door, forced her out of bed at gunpoint

October 12, 2016, 23:31:05 by Jarnhamar
Woman says military police busted down her door, forced her out of bed at gunpoint, broke her hand
The wife of a soldier at CFB Petawawa is suing military police for false arrest, wrongful imprisonment and assault after they busted down her door in the middle of the night and forced her out of bed at gunpoint, then pushed her face down on the floor only to break her hand by aggressively pulling her up by the handcuffs, according to a statement of claim.

It was April 8, 2016, around 2:16 a.m., and military police had been staking out Brittany Stratuik’s home for hours after they got a call that there were two dead bodies inside her home, that the back parking lot was rigged with bombs and that there were outlawed guns in the house. During the stakeout, military police enlisted the help of the Ontario Provincial Police, who dispatched a K-9 unit, according to the claim filed in Ontario Superior Court.

But there were no dead bodies. There were no bombs. And there were no outlawed guns.

Military police were advised by the OPP that the call was in fact a hoax, and that there had been similar swatting calls earlier at different locations across Ontario, but they busted down the door with a battering ram just the same, according to the court filings.

Though the OPP told the military police they had investigated and that the call was a prank, the base police stormed in with guns drawn, according to the claim that has yet to be tested in court. Stratuik was home alone and in bed. Her husband was out of town.

So the OPP told the MPs it was a fake call and they decide to bust the door down and go in hard anyways? On top of the threat of bombs? Smooth.
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xx Defence Infrastructure Failing for Lack of Investment

October 02, 2016, 18:07:23 by MCG
So here is what spending only 1% of GDP gets for defence.  Guess we must wait and see what the new Real Property Operations Units are able to do to for improvement, but I will remain skeptical until they show they can make a difference on the same little old budget.

Canada's military bases falling apart due to lack of funding: National Defence audit
Lee Berthiaume, The Canadian Press
CTV News
02 Oct 2016

A National Defence audit has found many of Canada's military bases are falling apart because of chronic underspending on the maintenance, repair and replacement of sewers, roads and electrical, heating and drinking water systems.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact military officials have little to no information on the actual state of those municipal works, meaning the department doesn't know how what needs to be fixed or replaced.

The audit, recently published on the department's website, concludes that the risk of electrical outages, sewer backups and other service disruptions at military bases is set to increase. Such disruptions threaten operations as well as the health and welfare of those living or working on or near the bases.

National Defence spokeswoman Ashley Lemire said the department is changing the way it manages its vast property portfolio. That includes taking authority away from the individual bases and centralizing it in Ottawa.

"The government of Canada is committed to equipping Canadian Armed Forces members with the resources required to do their jobs and to improving the facilities where they live, work and train," Lemire said in an email.

"The new centralized model will continue to be refined to better support the management of real property, including municipal works, across the portfolio."

But Lemire also confirmed that the more than $200 million set aside by this year's federal budget for military infrastructure is not intended to address the underfunding identified in the audit.

The money will go toward armouries, aircraft hangars, naval jetties and military housing, rather than the basic utilities needed to operate military bases. More than half of the equipment associated with those utilities is over 50 years old.

Canada spends less than one per cent of its gross domestic product on defence after several years of belt-tightening by the previous Conservative government. That is among the lowest of all NATO allies, who have all agreed on a two per cent target.

The Liberals, who are currently drafting a new defence policy, have refused to say whether any new injection of money for the military is on the horizon.

In their report, the auditors laid much of the blame for the current problems on a combination of underfunding and poor record-keeping.

In 2008, defence officials set a number of spending targets with regards to replacing as well as maintaining and repairing existing infrastructure. However, auditors found that officials had not met those targets for the past five years "due to resource limitations."

Base personnel "have consistently reported on funding pressures that have prevented them from reaching the targeted level of expenditure," the audit report reads. "Chronic underspending on maintenance and repairs will lead to a continued decline in the condition and suitability of real property."

Defence officials estimated there would be a cumulative $1.1-billion backlog in terms of maintenance and repairs by 2018. However, that figure is almost certainly low as the auditors found base personnel weren't properly tracking, let alone checking, the state of infrastructure.

According to the audit, the condition field in the department's property database was blank for 81 per cent of records. Service disruptions -- power outages, sewage backups and water line breaks, among others -- were also not tracked, meaning there was no way to know how often they occurred.

The auditors said military commanders could make a case for more funding if they had the proper information. But base personnel told auditors that part of the reason they were facing "chronic backlogs" when it came to entering information into the database was "limited resources to maintain the data."
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clip Desexualized clothing instructions fail for gender specific directions

September 30, 2016, 15:21:59 by MCG
Looks like an Air Cadet Corps has gotten itself in some hot water and garnered ministerial level attention for what was intended to be instructions to desexualize the clothing cadets choose to wear for training.  The criticism is accurate.  If one does not want to see people's underwear hanging out of pants nor butts outlined through yoga pants, then you make that direction as opposed to saying "boys hide your underwear and girls don't wear yoga pants."  But, a national news storey and MND on camera statements seem to be more than this incident merits.

In any case, Reg F and PRes might look forward to one thing migrating across from this.  Gender specific earring regulations are part of what is catching attention in this.
Dress code guide tells female air cadets not to reveal 'developing bits'
Parent guide says 'girls are to wear shirts which do not reveal their developing bits'

By Lukas Wall, CBC News
30 Sep 2016

A mother in St. John's is in shock and speaking out, after reading a parent handbook for air cadets that she says sexualizes young female cadets.

Melissa Moores said her daughter, 13, went to an event for prospective cadets and received a parent handbook from the 510 Lions Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

For Moores, one section of the guide stuck out: "The Four Bs" — "boobs, belly, bums, boxers." Specifically, she said, she was shocked by a line that read "girls are to wear shirts which do not reveal their developing bits."

"It just caught me off guard. Why would that be pointed out?" Moores said.

"If everyone's supposed to dress the same, and everyone's supposed to dress respectful, why would it be brought up and actually say 'boobs?'"

She said she was surprised to see that sort of language in the cadets' literature and that it didn't seem appropriate.

"It shouldn't be like that in 2016; it seems very offensive and [it's] sexualizing a woman when it doesn't need to be at all," said Moores.

"It just seemed wrong, I had to read it twice. I had this sick feeling in my stomach. It just seemed it shouldn't be there."

Moores said she doesn't have a problem with the cadet squadron outlining a dress code, but she believes girls are being unfairly targeted by "The Four Bs"

"I understand that cadets and the military, they want everyone to dress the same and it's all about being as one, but I wasn't expecting them to tell my daughter that, being a girl, her boobs are going to be an issue,"

"You wouldn't tell a guy not to wear pants too tight because it would show his 'developing bits.'"

In a statement, Canadian Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan called the language used in the parent guide "completely unacceptable."

"This shaming of young women is offensive to me as a person, as a father, and as the minister of national defence," he wrote.

"It is completely inappropriate. I am disappointed that in 2016, these attitudes still prevail and we will be ruthless in stamping it out within our organizations."

Moores said instead of sexualizing girls, dress code advice should be more general and include all cadets.

"If they want the cadets to be dressed a certain way, they should say during PT time — when you're permitted to wear civilian clothing — all dress needs to be loose fitting and you need to be covered appropriately, for everybody."

CBC News has reached out to the 510 Lions and the Air Cadet League of Canada but has yet to receive comment.
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xx Custom Commemorative Family Medal

September 28, 2016, 15:54:31 by Wookilar
(mods, please move if there is a better sub-board for it...not that you need my permission or anything lol)

Has anyone seen this: Custom Commemorative Family Medal from Canex

I'm not sure what I think of it.... more importantly I'm really not sure what NinerD will think of it...

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xx Report of the SC on National Defence: "Canada and the Defence of North America"

September 20, 2016, 16:54:17 by MCG
News media coverage of the 19 September Standing Committee on National Defence report is focused on accusations that the government rigged the report to justify a sole-source contract for Super Hornets.  But for a more informed opinion, one could read the report itself at:

... and see the thirteen recommendations:
Recommendation 1
That the Government of Canada conduct a thorough review of
Canada’s international and domestic capability requirements for the
replacement of the CF-18 fighter jets; that the Government select a
replacement which satisfies both Canada’s international and domestic
needs by being capable of effectively exercising Canada’s sovereignty
in the high Arctic and remote regions of the country while remaining
interoperable with our allies; and that the CF-18 replacement:

a) Possess an active electronically scanned array (AESA)
radar and beyond line of sight communication equipment;

b) Work to a high degree with Canada’s existing infrastructure;

c) Be interoperable with the United States of America’s NORAD

d) Provide sufficient fighter capability to ensure NORAD and
NATO commitments can be fulfilled as currently defined; and

e) Have well defined capital and sustainment costs as to not
jeopardize the recapitalization of other much-needed military

Recommendation 2
That, for procurement contracts pertaining to aircraft utilized in the
context of the far North region, pilot safety be a key consideration.

Recommendation 3
That the Government of Canada decide on the replacement of the
current fleet of CF-18 fighter jets within the next 12 months.

Recommendation 4
That the Government of Canada recognize the importance of air-to-air
refueling as it relates to the Royal Canadian Air Force’s number one
priority, which is sovereignty.

Recommendation 5
That the defence policy review evaluate the primary locations of
Canada’s Air Sovereignty Alert (ASA) assets to ensure they are
optimally positioned to respond to asymmetric threats under the
auspices of Operation NOBLE EAGLE (ONE).

Recommendation 6
That the Government of Canada recognize the proliferation of cruise
missiles, and related emerging technologies, as a threat to Canada and
take the necessary action to protect Canada from this threat.

Recommendation 7
That the Government of Canada recognize emerging ballistic missile

Recommendation 8
That the defence policy review reconsider Canada’s position with
regard to ballistic missile defence (BMD) in the context of Canada’s
defence priorities and limited financial resources.

Recommendation 9
That, in terms of Canada’s potential role in ballistic missile defence,
Canadian research and development be a consideration.

Recommendation 10
That the defence policy review take into account that witnesses have
questioned the efficacy of the ballistic missile defence program.

Recommendation 11
That the Government of Canada recognize the detrimental effects of
climate change in our North; and that the Government quickly adapt
our northern surveillance and defences to a potential Russian threat.

Recommendation 12
That, with the end of the North Warning System’s operational life
approaching, the Government of Canada recognize the need to
maintain and improve all aspects of Arctic domain awareness.

Recommendation 13
That the Government of Canada ensure that adequate safeguards are
in place to protect Canada and Canadians from, and respond to, cyberattacks
by foreign governments and non-state actors. 
There is certainly something funny about the first three recommendations.

Recommendations 5, 6, 7, and 8 all seem pretty good to me.  We should be examining the threats of ballistic and cruise missile threats, and we should be deciding how we want to defend against these.

Recommendation 11 is schizophrenic. Is it about climate change or Russian threats?  Do we think it is the same resource that addresses either?  Do we need a fleet of combat science vessels for the north?
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